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7 reasons that a used copier is better than new  

1.       4 Times the New Manufacturer's Warranty

Copier manufacturers offer a 90 day guarantee on their new from the factory, in box machines

2.       Modifications and Retrofits
Every new machine has modifications and retrofits that are introduced weeks or months after introduction. Some have dozens! Some of these are minor; others are quite substantial in relation to their impact on the performance of the machine. While the manufacturer is identifying problems and designing these modifications, you are experiencing down time and lost production.
When we remanufacture a copier you have prior knowledge of all the necessary modifications and retrofits. When we install these during your rebuild process weare making a copier that is, in effect, better than new!

3.       No "Lemon" models
If you are familiar purchasing/leasing copiers you have seen your share of "lemon" models. These are those models that have serious inherent problems that show up after several months or past a certain meter threshold. For legal reasons no models will be mentioned here, but we are sure some models are running through your mind right now.

Today's equipment has the entire error and service history stored inside the system's memory.

When we choose which models to add to our line of remanufactured equipment, we avoid these lemon models, leaving only the best viable models that are available. We are unable to offer a 1 year warranty on a product that doesn't perform.

4.       1 Year 100% Upgrade Guarantee
If you need a different product within the first year, we offer 100% of your initial investment back towards the purchase or lease of an upgraded system. Yes 100%! You have the flexibility and confidence to know that if you quickly outgrow your copier, you have the option to upgrade without losing a penny.

5. Used Means Green
The amount of carbon dioxide gas released into the atmosphere is 355 tons per every 1000 copiers manufactured.  The carbon footprint of a rebuilt copier is practically zero.

6.  (Re) Made in America!
When you buy a new copier, the majority of the profits are going to Japan or China or Korea. When you acquire a rebuilt copier, 100% of your investment goes back into Wisconsin through ECO Office Equipment.

7.  Cost
A rebuilt copier is going to cost you 30 to 50 percent less than a comparable new model. When you consider the one year warranty and the value of the 100% upgrade, the cost is even less.